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3 Days in Venice

Any trips planned for the April bank holiday? My recommendation would be to visit Venice.

#Venice has lured in #tourists for many years with its beautiful #architecture and #romantic atmosphere. Wander through the historic passageways and surrender to losing yourself in this stunning city. Take advantages of boat trips to #Burano, #Murano and #Torcello, where you can find some great #restaurants at a little more reasonable price. One day is not enough in Venice, to fully appreciate time in Venice make sure you have a #theatre show, # opera, or #concert booked and allow some time to tantalise your taste-buds with some #Venetian Cuisine. Then, as you stroll back to your #hotel, admire at the pretty reflection of lights in the water of the #canals.

Many tourists visit Venice in #summer, however it often becomes scorching hot and overcrowded in the months of July and August. Prices are also bumped up for the high season, so if you have a choice of when to visit, pick #spring or #autumn. Your trip will be cheaper and more personal. #Gondolas can be expensive to book if you’re in a small group, but definitely worth a try once in your lifetime. If you don’t mind not having a private gondola, try sharing with others to split the 100€ into more affordable chunks.

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