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“Remember remember the fifth of November”, yes it really is November already and Guy Fawkes Day is celebrated this month. Guy Fawkes was a rebel who with others, conspired to blow up the House of Lords during the eighteenth century, but the plan was foiled as he was arrested whilst guarding the explosives. Centuries have passed but we still remember the potential tragedy that #London was saved from back then, with an array of bonfires and firework displays. One such spectacular firework display will be taking place at Alexandra Palace on the 2nd and 3rd of this month. This two-day festival will be full or many delights including food and drink stalls, a bonfire, an ice-skating rink and funfair rides. For those of you who are beer fans, you’ll be able to indulge in various beers at the German Bier #Festival, which will be taking place inside the palace.

Our home is the one place which we all consider our sanctuary from the craziness of the outside world. It is also the place where people engage with design in the most important aspects of their lives. To celebrate these design ideas, The #Design Museum will be showcasing an #exhibition from the 7th of November to March 2019. From furniture to robotics and sharing economy to nomadic lifestyles, this exhibition will explore how our idea of domestic life is changing through a display of seminal design pieces and commissioned installations. In which country would you want your dream home to be situated?

How big a fan are you of the monarchy? For those who enjoy delving into the past of our monarchy, the Queen’s Gallery will be holding an exhibition that explores 300 years of history between Russia and Britain, to both satisfy and arouse your curiosity. The exhibition is called Russia: Royalty and the Romanovs and features #paintings and personal gifts from the time Peter the Great, the first Russian ruler to set foot on English soil. Paintings that recognise Russia’s contribution with helping Britain defeat Napoleon are also featured in this exhibition. The exhibition commences on the 9th of November and ends in April 2019.


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