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Where are the Friendliest Places on Earth?

Whether you are #travelling or residing somewhere, it is always nice to feel welcomed by the locals around you. Below are some of the world’s friendliest places, as set out in a report by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

According to the WEF list, it is the small island nation of #Iceland that tops the list of friendliest countries, with New Zealand not far behind in second place. The antipodean nation also topped a recent survey of expats, who voted it the most #welcoming for expatriates.

Portugal and Ireland, famous for their warm and welcoming atmospheres, also fared well, coming in at numbers seven and nine respectively, with the top ten completed, perhaps unexpectedly, by Morocco (3), Macedonia (4), Austria (5), Senegal (6), Bosnia and Herzegovina (8) and Burkina Faso (10).

At the other end of the list, is the South American country of Bolivia that has the dubious honour of being crowned the least friendly to visitors. Venezuela, the Russian Federation, Kuwait, Latvia and Iran did not fare much better in the poll, so anyone after a warm reception may do best to look elsewhere!

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