Langue et Parole

Have you ever noticed how many Nordic people speak fluent and coherent English? In turn, have you ever noticed how few Southern Europeans speak English (Meaning intelligible English, not a few words picked up from food packets and the sort)? Whilst the English language is not the centre of the universe, it is a vital key to #communication in the modern day developed world which we inhabit.

Moreover, if the opportunity ever arises to learn a #language with a #multilingual speaker, what you’ll often find is their basis of knowledge will aid them to surpass someone with no linguistic understanding in their own language, let alone another. Understanding grammatical and syntax structures in the mother tongue is the first step to language learning. Without understanding, it becomes virtually impossible to advance to a higher level.

Direct and indirect pronouns, adverbial clauses and determiners are just some of the many terms that speakers struggle to identify and define. However, this shouldn’t be off-putting. Learning shouldn’t feel like a duty, but a recreational pleasure. Additionally, it helps to have the help and cooperation of others when learning. #Listening, reading and speaking are all activities through which grammar is learnt naturally, almost subconsciously. #Workshops are effective ways of refining the linguistic and communicational art forms. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

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