The Halloween Irony

With Halloween on the horizon it seemed fitting to write something about this #supernatural #celebration we undertake every October. I love Halloween, but the irony of it has always fascinated me. We dress our children up as demons and witches, carve gruesome caricatures onto #pumpkins and if possible jostle some sequined bat wings on our unimpressed cats! Yet, there was a time when you would do anything to distance yourself from everything unnatural. During the infamous witch trials that cost the lives of thousands of women, it didn’t take much to be accused of #sorcery. Perhaps you owned a pet, or your neighbours crops had all died, or maybe you simply looked a particular way.

The supernatural has generally become something farcical and light-hearted and certainly sought after. Take the #HarryPotter storm, every child who encountered those #books was desperate to receive a letter and realise that they too were a #witch or #wizard. In today’s world the supernatural is a guilty pleasure, we don’t believe it but are drawn to it again and again in #books and #films and yes, at Halloween. The supernatural is a seductive element that humans have always been fascinated with, sometimes this fascination has led to fear induced tyranny, sometimes nothing more than dress up and decorations, either way it is powerful in a very real and present way.

How will you be celebrating Halloween this year?


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