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Portrait or Landscape?

We were sitting in the small but pleasant dining room of a modest #B&B in a quaint #British #seaside #town, when my very young son was struggling with trying to put a particularly oblong-shaped piece of bread into the toaster. He turned it this way and that but seemed dissatisfied with the outcome whichever way he turned the bread. Eventually the exasperated boy turned to occupants of the dining room and asked “portrait or landscape?”

Why do we worry so much as adults about using the ‘right’ expression? Finding the ‘correct’ #words for any given situation? It seems to me that if only we were more #creative about using what we already know; about applying our own experiences to new situations in different contexts we could be more #expressive and #imaginative in our #language.

My friend went to #Berlin and found her #German skills less proficient than she hoped. She was in the #supermarket but unlike #British #supermarkets there were no bags to put the groceries in. As the goods passed through the check out and started to build up in the #bagging area she turned to the #cashier and said, “Is it possible to make this into #luggage?” The bags appeared. Job done.

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