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Does even the sight of chocolate make you go weak at the knees? Then the best place to satisfy your cravings is at the Canopy Market for Chocolate Week this October. The #market will be taken over by Cocoa Runners and will feature over 20 #chocolate makers from around the world. There will be a large variety of treats available in interesting flavours to tantalise your taste buds. Another venue that will be embracing this chocolate theme is the Sanderson hotel, which will be welcoming its guests with a chocolate sculpture in the lobby, and will have a special chocolate themed menu. This event will be taking place from the 15th – 21st of October, and will have you swooning with joy on your chocolate high.

Since the beginning of time, people have been fascinated by the sun, and this autumn the Science Museum hosts a scintillating #exhibition which delves into all the mysteries that surround it. It will be running from October 2018 – May 2019. The exhibition is called The Sun: Living With Our Star and explores humanity’s ever changing relationship with our nearest star. It looks into its power, beauty and dark side through a series of spectacular interactive experiences, unique artefacts and striking imagery. There will also be details available on the upcoming NASA and ESA solar missions. This exhibition will be relished by space lovers both young and old.

For those of you who are passionate about reading, then the London Literature Festival will be a mecca for you. The #festival is being held at the #Southbank Centre from the 18th – 28th October. It will be a fun packed event with exclusive appearances, live readings, debates, poetry, visual displays, workshops, award ceremonies, free activities and family events. Salman Rushdie, Akala, Sue Perkins and Melvyn Bragg are just some of the noted guests that will be participating in this event. Not only will you be able to unleash your inner book worm, but as the festival coincides with half term week, you’ll be able to take your kids along also and inspire them to get lost in the world of literature.


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