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Electric Vehicles - Are You Ready?

Electric vehicles have been far more successful than what was predicted, so much so that we are now looking at them as the future of motoring! However, being #futuristic and exciting doesn't always mean it is easy to use, as most car-related infrastructures were made for petrol and diesel cars, without any thought for the electric vehicle's needs. Anyone willing to choose the electric side of motoring will have to be aware of the issues that they will face.

Autonomy: a key point to consider! If the autonomy of the vehicle is just good enough for a one-way trip, you must think carefully about the journey ahead as charging stations in our destination can be occupied, broken or reserved.

More expensive routes: you may think that there is more than enough battery juice to make the journey but once our destination is introduced into the car's GPS it warns to stop and recharge the car's batteries in charging stations along the way, or you must choose another shorter route, which can be more expensive due to tolls.

Prepare the #journey ahead: the number of petrol stations is still much higher than the number of charging stations. You need to be sure that there are charging stations en route and how many. Take your time to find an App which tells you not only where charging stations are but also if they are broken, if they are occupied, and even what type of charge they can offer.

Waiting to charge: when we drive to a charging station and find it occupied, our natural instinct is to go to another station, which can be occupied as well... The best option would be to ask the other driver how long they have left to charge and wait; instead of wasting precious energy looking around for a free charger which might not be available.

Charging at home: we must know how much power can be delivered through our domestic sockets. The amount of time needed for a full recharge will vary accordingly. Some manufacturers offer the installation of special sockets which considerably reduce the amount of time needed for a full recharge, which you will have to do almost every day.

If all these issues don't seem like obstacles to you, then you are ready to embrace this new technology.

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