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Dogs and Restaurants

What do you do when you want to have a nice meal in that new #restaurant nearby and your dog can't go with you?

Anyone who owns a dog knows how difficult it can be to enjoy a nice meal at a #posh #restaurant while leaving the four-legged best #friend at home alone, probably crying and disturbing the neighbours...

For various reasons, the huge majority of restaurants all over the world have always decided against its customers being accompanied by their dogs, no matter how well behaved they are. A debatable decision but always understood and obliged by everyone.

Now however, there seems to be a middle-term solution, at least for dog owners in #New York City. New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo agreed with a new law which states that diners can have their beloved dogs nearby, but only on the patios or exterior areas of restaurants that choose to be 'dog-friendly'.

Governor Cuomo believes that this measure may help to improve the revenue of New York City's restaurants due to the popularity it has amongst many dog owners, who can now better enjoy their meals. The clear restrictions on where the dogs can and cannot be are also in place to make sure the usual clients who may not be dog-friendly stay #happy and comfortable (at a distance).

One can already predict the success of this measure; hopefully, a city near you will follow one of New York's best ideas!


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