How To - Be Ready for a Big Test or an Important Presentation

Over the years, I have come across some useful everyday tips in the fantastic world we call The #Internet. Sure enough, #myths and quackery abound; but this simple tip really works for me and thus I decided to share it. Hopefully, you can take advantage of it too!

You have a big test to take or an important #presentation to give the following morning and you don't feel prepared! Should you stay up all night working on it, or close the books and get a full night sleep?

Working throughout the whole night can actually destroy your chances of being successful the next day! You should definitely get a full night sleep. Why?

The brain is not off when we are sleeping. In fact, during our sleep the brain is extremely active doing a variety of different things – reorganising information; developing new ideas; and remembering things. Telling people to 'sleep on it' sounds like an old cliché but if there is something big going on the next day, the best thing to do is to get a good night sleep.

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