The More You Walk, the Longer You Can Talk!

August 29, 2018

Today, many of us suffer from 'battery anxiety', especially when we aren't really sure we have enough battery left on our #gadgets to go through the working day until we can charge them at home during the night...


The new North American company SolePower focus on something we do every day - walking - to help us recharge the batteries! The company has created #revolutionary shoe soles that generate the energy we need by harnessing the strength of our steps.


According to the company founder Matt Stanton, the ultimate goal is to bring people closer to renewable sources of energy and eventually take SolePower to the developing countries, where #global access to energy is not yet a reality.


SolePower users will be able to easily predict how many steps they have to do in order to get the energy they need: 2000 steps means the micro generator will be activated 2000 times, thus an hour-long walk will typically generate enough #energy for a thirty-minute conversation on a #smartphone.


Would you buy and use this every day?


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