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As we have been blessed with such lovely weather, it may have inspired you to make some healthier choices in your life this August. If changing your diet has been on the forefront of your mind lately then the V festival at The Old Truman Brewery is a must for you to attend. This is a vegan lifestyle festival and divulges in detail on how to make changes in your diet that will allow you to shed unwanted weight and increase your fitness, all without consuming any meat or dairy products. The festival runs from the 1st – 31st of August and will also include #yoga and mindfulness classes, #happiness #workshop sessions and a vegan shoe pop up stall. Would you be able to make such a drastic change to your diet in order to improve your health?

Children are constantly looking for new #adventures and if you are running out of ideas on how to keep your children entertained during these summer holidays, then taking them to The Star Seeker event will prove to be enjoyable for both you and your children. This event takes place at the National Theatre from the 8th of August to 1st of September and is a theatrical experience that explores the limitless majesty of galaxies, the solar system, shooting stars and planets through songs, silliness and anti-gravity antics. The many interactive elements will allow kids to fully immerse themselves in all the activities. Not only is this fun filled day out but an interesting way to expand your knowledge about space.

Did you often go to the circus as a child? The Circus 250 weekend celebrates 250 years of circus at the #Southbank Centre from the 17th – 18th August, and will take place on the Riverside Terrace stage outside Royal Festival Hall. This high energy weekend will be packed with many performances by professional acts, and an array of free workshops where you can learn new exhilarating skills. Not only is this event an interactive playground, but an enchanting way to bring out your inner child, forget about your woes for a while and just laugh out loud lots.


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