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#Rush hour used to be the thing I loved the most about big #city life especially being packed into public #transport like a sardine with other commuters, all of us looking tired under the harsh lighting. The rides to and from #work became the #highlight of my day next to the one day a week I’d oversleep and have to buy my coffee from the #station. On those days queuing up next to coiffured lades and #Calvin Klein men I’d feel like I was worth something.

It’s funny though isn’t it how age changes your worth? Now older and back to a #job in a #big city the same things don’t thrill me anymore. The architecture and shops still #delight me of course, that feeling of being so lost in a place so tall will never leave me. It’s just that now I look at my fellow passengers with sadness because they don’t seem that thrilled anymore either. I know we are all going home tetchy to our loved ones because we are stressed and tired. That as much as we long for a hug the moment we step in the door we need to shower the ride home away.


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