Misty - a Robot at your Service

Misty Robotics founder Ian Bernstein is clear, "We want Misty to do useful stuff for us but it can also be our friend." Misty's presentation couldn't be more realistic as it was made in an office environment with the #robot being used to welcome guests, facially recognising everyone (who arrived and left), and notifying the staff members who were expecting those guests' arrival.

Misty is a platform which can be used by programmers and students alike to do a number of things, from mapping a room, to acting as a personal assistant, grabbing the much-needed coffee and to secure the perimeter. One of the most useful scenarios where Misty can be valuable is taking care of the elderly "when it hears a loud noise, it can search for someone on the ground, and if that person has fainted or is lying on the ground, it can call for help!"

Misty #designers have purposely created the robot in a modular way, which enables its arms to be replaced by cup holders or its back to have a magnetic component to hold a backpack. In the future Misty founders expect to have a self-service shop, where users can add or alter the robot's functionalities according to their personal needs.

There is no question that we will have robots in our #future, the real question is: are you ready to welcome them?

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