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Missing something lovely?

One of my daily jobs is to #cook for my #family. #Cooking is a task, which I do purely because I find myself not working around 4:30pm. To say it is a #passion would be a lie, but it is a #job that was once a #chore that I have now grown into.

I come from a family who eats to survive. Yet, I have discovered more #foods and #flavours, which I never knew existed. This makes cooking and therefore eating a more enjoyable experience.

So, with my new #skills, cooking for others has gone from being a scary “how do I?” to an excited “I would love to”. I recently made a #meal for someone who informed me on a previous #meeting that they dislike #garlic, #onion and anything #spicy. The trouble was these were some of the main #ingredients I was planning on using. I went for it (just easy on the spice).

On the second #plate of food I could see the #compliments were not just empty words but actual #approval. So, for people who often have said they dislike something for such a long time, maybe you should try it again, who knows you may be missing something #lovely.


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