Virtual Reality Side Effects

A study carried out by researchers from the University of Leeds is now on the gaming world's spotlight because it alerts parents and players to the negative side effects that the popular #virtual reality helmets can have to the development of children.

The study led by Faisal Mushtag used #games that were purposely developed to take advantage of the 3D #illusion created by the two small screens located inside the helmet, right next to the player's eyes, and after no more than 20 minutes of play, two children suffered a degradation in their stereoscopic perception (which allows humans to understand object's distances); and one child had a significant loss of equilibrium!

Mark Mon-Williams, a cognitive psychology expert from the University of Leeds reminds everyone that age is an important factor in the virtual reality side effects, explaining that while on adults the virtual reality games can be the source of headaches and eye pain; the long-term side effects (especially on children) are yet unknown.

In a virtual reality device, the 3D world is presented in a 2D screen which creates tension in our visual system and that may cause long term issues. According to Mon-Williams, the issues presented by this study may have simple solutions, and the virtual reality industry is positively concerned about these results.

What neither this study nor the gaming industry says is that for the time being 3D games are nothing more than a novelty that falls short of expectations... This study should make every player avoid the #3D technology altogether, until it reaches a point of development that makes it safe to use.

If the lack of interest means it will never be properly developed, so be it. Our health is much more important than any game or trend.

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