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Finding Happiness

To be happy you can't involve yourself in futile comparisons nor have a scarcity mindset. Focus on what you enjoy doing most, be involved in the community, and beware of arguments. Most of the time staying silent might not be the best answer as it builds up stress and blood pressure, limits our concentration, we use more energy, and so on. Raising our voice and being angrier than the other person is not the right answer either. What should we do?

The best answer is to reevaluate the situation, tell yourself that you have to give the other person a break, because they might be in a difficult situation which you know nothing of. We can (and should) even exaggerate in our leniency. Reevaluate the situation and your brain will adjust accordingly. Do the same thing when you feel anxious or a harder time is coming. Take a deep breath and say to yourself: "I have been under pressure, but I have to remain calm as this is not serious. It might look a certain way but isn't. Everything will be solved quicker than I think."

Reevaluating issues we face usually helps. Neurosciences have confirmed that it is possible to have a better mindset with our own thought and words, and that a positive attitude helps our brain to solve issues. Stay positive = be happy.


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