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The Never List Review (Spoiler Alert)

#Koethi Zans debut novel revolves around four girls who are kept in a cellar for years and subjected to torture, both physical and psychological. At a glance this blurb sounds like a typical cheap #thriller plot, but on reading, you realise there is something far subtler at work here. Most noticeably it’s the lack of detail given on exactly how these girls are tormented. There is no gore for gores sake and the snippets you do get are few and vague.

It’s not just the ‘less is more’ approach to the mistreatment of the girls however that makes this book different, it’s also the claustrophobic themes which are explored during the course of the narrative. For example, a great portion of the book deals with the fact that one of the girls is kept in a sealed box in the cellar unable to even have the comfort which her fellow captives have: each other.

Genuinely disturbing and fiendishly good at playing on those base fears that we all have, The Never List is an easy read that you’ll find difficult to put down, or not think about when you next slide into a taxi.


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