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Kindle VS Print

Will the Kindle take over from printed books as the main way to #read? I think the short answer is no, not entirely.

The slightly longer answer is that while printed books will be much diminished, the very reasons that make them different from #e-books are why people love them and will ensure their #survival.

With cheaper prices, ease of browsing, instant downloading and zero storage, the #Kindle looks set to take over the entire market from the printed book. So what is actually stopping it?

Some of it is the emotional or even nostalgic experience (depending on the age of the reader). People sometimes just want to actually hold a book and turn the pages. It's like the difference between being on a fancy indoor #sports simulator and actually being outside doing it; feeling the wind in your hair. Reading a thrilling page turner and pressing the page turning button isn't quite the same at certain moments.

The Kindle might also be able to store thousands of books, but people sometimes want to see them, even to collect them; there's something nice about having a complete series of books and a brimming bookshelf of favourite titles in a room or on a coffee table can almost be #ornamental as well as #functional.

But #aesthetics and #emotional reasons aside, the rise of the Kindle as a new medium for reading could be compared to the evolution from tapes to CD, or VHS to DVD. But it's a completely different kettle of fish because tapes and VHS have no endearing charm the way printed books do compared to electronic books. People used candles before the light bulb was invented and they still use candles afterwards, just for different reasons.

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