The New and Improved Melton Cinema

Are you a Town or City dweller?

I live near a small #town called Melton Mowbray, land of the Melton Mowbray Pork Pie and Stilton cheese to say nothing of a rather quaint sweetshop. Back when I was a sixth-former I used to have a tradition of attending the Melton Mowbray #cinema with two friends every Tuesday after #college. Sure it only had one screen, sure we moaned about it because another tradition of youth seems to be bemoaning where you came from, but deep down I loved it. I have always loved cinema and just because little Melton could only offer me one film at a time unlike #Leicester or #Nottingham, it didn’t matter a jot to me.

So, you can imagine my distress on hearing that it had closed whilst I was away at Uni. I’m sure it had been struggling to compete with the likes of the #Odeon and #Cineworld and so this family run cinema silently faded for what I was sure would be forever.

I couldn’t be more wrong. I recently attended the revamped #Melton Regal Cinema to watch Mr Seymour Hoffman’s last #performance, to discover a #luxury little establishment that was better than I remembered. You can have a glass of #wine, book a sofa and even the standard seats are ten times better than elsewhere. Here’s to Cinema and supporting what our community’s offer, especially the small things that really need our help.


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