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As Sure-footed as a…. Bank Cow!?

Today I finally had some time to relax from what was a crazy week. No, I didn’t launch my super hero #career, but instead I was #driving to and from the #hospital as my wife’s currently there “relaxing” before the #birth of our second child.

As I sat down on a rather #windy afternoon I was watching the #cows in the #field opposite. Firstly I wondered how they knew to stick together and who the “leader” was.

As I was watching ‘Danger Cow’ came forth. This small cow (not a calf or adult, the cow equivalent of a youngster) seemed determined to eat the #grass #growing closest to the #water on the #river #bank.

I rose from my seat and watched with more interest now, mostly as I had never seen a cow fall into a river before. I was astonished at how this large beast balanced so elegantly, and though it lost its footing on a few occasions, it managed to stay dry.

As time passed the cows went on their usual #walk and were soon out of sight - but one stayed behind, and yes, you guessed it… it was Danger Cow! I pondered if this cow was just more #confident, and didn’t need to follow, or if it didn’t get on with the rest of the #herd, or what the story was?

Then I had a thought, if we try new things however tricky they may seem and don’t just follow the crowd like #sheep, that’s often when #people notice us for who we are.


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