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The Importance of a Positive Attitude

Many people, with no apparent reason to complain, feel dissatisfied with life. According to Raj Raghunathan (Professor at the University of Texas) there are some behaviours that make people unhappy. The most dangerous ones are to let #social comparisons rule their lives and have a scarcity mindset (the idea that to be well, someone else has to be bad).

Prof. Raghunathan's research presented in the book "Why so many smart people aren't happy?" suggests that every one of us can live a satisfactory life if we push away negative thoughts. Comparisons are dangerous because they are hardly objective, and it is easy make negative ones.

What is a #successful person? What is a good life? How much money is enough? The more we compare ourselves to someone else, the more difficult it is to be objective. And we all know that after one comparison there will be another, and another... A never ending loop that does more harm than good. And let's not forget the scarcity mindset, which is according to Prof. Raghunathan a common attitude towards life.

In evolutionary terms, living is about surviving in a world with limited resources such as fertile land; food; security; and so on. For millions of years every day was a fight and the #prize was to survive another day. Today that isn't necessarily the case. We can be better, learn more, be more successful and more creative without the feeling that our neighbour has to be in a worse situation in order to feel positive about our own achievements.


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