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A Three-day Working Week

The working week is felt the same way by the great majority of #European workers - Mondays are usually difficult as our state of mind can still be in 'weekend mode'; while Fridays are usually happier days as we are used to the work stress but look forward to the weekend ahead.

For many workers, the weekend is not enough to replenish their energy and have a quality time with their families. For #freelancers, the weekend can even be a strange concept, as they have to take advantage of the best working #opportunities whenever they are available...

One of the richest men in the world, #Mexican #entrepreneur #Carlos Slim, is in favour of a 'three-day working week', offset by longer hours and a later retirement, as a way to improve our quality of life. Having experienced that 70-year-old workers 'know a thing or two about life' it would be an advantage for the industry; while the pleasure of having more time to do what we like would benefit all of us as individuals, our families, and therefore #society as a whole.

A four-day working week policy is already a reality in some companies in #Australia, with #employee #health and a positive #environmental impact being stated as visible benefits.

If only the same could become a reality in Europe… I live in hope!


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