Price or Comfort during Flights?

What matters most when you buy an airplane ticket? #American companies are supposedly listening to their customers' demands with cheaper but less comfortable #flights.

Many services that were once free are now charged for, and the checked baggage as well as in-flight meals have become a resourceful way for airlines to make a profit. If everything around the plane ticket is considered an extra, the ticket itself will obviously become cheaper but is the cheaper price a good thing?

The inside of an airplane is changing as well. The chairs are now thinner and therefore less comfortable. The number of seats per row is increasing, which means that airline companies can transport more passengers per flight at the expense of space and comfort.

It is not surprising that many passengers are complaining about the lack of comfort and the overall deterioration of flight #travel quality. Low Cost airline companies and investors wanting to profit as much as they can, are easy targets to blame but consumers themselves should be blamed as well. At a recent MSN survey, 51% of the American passengers referred price as the key factor they look to when choosing an airline company, while only 6% mentioned that they valued comfort over price. Companies are adjusting their offers according to this trend. Can we really blame them?

Price, or comfort, are the choices of today's traveler.

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