Transferring Money through Gmail

Google is looking to expand its Gmail with another service: money transfer! This useful service is already available to #American users of the #Android operating system.

By including the Google Wallet payment system in the Gmail Android app, you can send and receive money from contacts, and it is as easy to use as sending an ordinary attachment; instead of a PDF or a Word file select the money option!

The recipient will get a Gmail Wallet coupon the value of which can be transferred to any bank account. Unlike other similar services, this one is absolutely #free (with no hidden fees).

Digital payment systems are starting to be implemented (and trusted) all over the world, which means that even though this Gmail service is limited to users from the United States of America, those from other countries will also get it soon.

Google continues to develop one of its most used and trusted tools, proving its worth as a #revolutionary email provider.

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