Do More, Buy Less

Buying something new is for many a source of #happiness but we can't always buy what we want. New furniture, a new dress, a nice suit or a #brand new computer would be useful, but too often we either can't afford it or shouldn't make the purchase as the #money is needed elsewhere.

A study carried out by the Journal of Consumer Research entitled "When wanting is better than having" looks at today's shopping habits and suggests that when we are able to buy something, the satisfaction of having bought the coveted item does not last very long. For many people, the pleasure of buying something is not as great as the pleasure of thinking about it, comparing the various options available and deciding on the best purchase.

The saying that money doesn't buy happiness is even contested by scientific studies. In general (and up to a certain economic level that allows for every day needs) money is a basic requirement for a good life, which might not be a happy one, but money can indeed buy some happiness, especially if it is spent on one's well-being and #leisure activities rather than on material things.

Money is much better spent on a nice family holiday in Portugal, a weekend getaway or a picnic with friends rather than on the latest smartphone or shiny new pair of shoes. The enjoyment derived from material things is quickly forgotten in comparison with the stories and #experiences we share with family and friends.

The answer to a happier life can be surprisingly simple: do more, buy less, spend wisely.


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