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What was the best thing you got out of University?

I had a letter recently from a #university friend. It’s only been five years since I left #Bradford University, and already it’s like another world, highly coveted and sorely missed. My education thus far hasn’t quite paid for itself, not in an obvious way, but then University is much more than the course you take, it’s the people, it’s the challenge. My closest friends are people I met at school or university, and the vast majority of them I don’t see or speak to for most of the time, months or years in some cases.

But that’s the beauty of it. Nothing changes. You reminisce about the past you both remember so well and still find the same sparks of humour in the happenings of now. With a true friend, time isn’t an obstacle, you remain tethered.

Rarely is any venture wasted, and whilst University did not bring me the reliability and fortune I’d hoped for, it did however bring me lifelong #friendships and a learning experience that went beyond the #classroom. I have several friends from university and #school that stand out for me and they have all taught me something new. I can only hope that I gave something back in return.

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