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Terry Pratchett, King of Strange

At the age of 66 Terry Pratchett, prolific #author of over thirty science fiction books sadly passed away. #Pratchett of course didn’t write your standard science fiction, it was comical science fiction, a niche which few others have dared to delve into.

When reading a Pratchett, you can only assume he had more #imagination than he knew what to do with, every story is a clash of colour, oddity and delight. The majority of Pratchett’s books for example, are set in his #Discworld Universe and if you aren’t familiar with this world it currently floats atop the back of a Giant turtle.

If you have never yet tried any of the wonderful Mr Pratchett’s work (and I’ll admit, it’s an acquired taste) then I strongly recommend you begin with ‘Mort’. This Discworld novel revolves around a retiring Death (a character that pops up frequently) looking for an apprentice.

This is just one story, there are many others, all created by the brilliant and wonderfully #quirky Pratchett. He was a #storyteller like no other and is sorely missed.


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