Would You Give Amazon Your Front Door Key?

Amazon is such a useful place to find many of the things we don't usually see in the local shops It isn't #surprising therefore that many people increasingly rely on it for #expensive items. The trouble is when we have a very expensive item waiting to be delivered and we can't be at #home to receive it, do we trust our neighbour or an acquaintance to receive it for us?

In an attempt to solve this 'issue', Amazon is thinking about (and testing in selected areas) an in-home delivery option, which would allow the courier one-time access to the client's home via a smart-home locked door or garage. During delivery, the courier could use an access key via the appropriate app, and leave the package safely inside. No one needs to be waiting for it, and our hectic agenda doesn't need to be disturbed just to receive the purchased item. At first glance it really does sound great, doesn't it?!

However, when we think carefully about it, when most people don't really trust their neighbours or acquaintances to receive something #valuable for them, will they trust the delivery person? How about the safety of the smart-home lock codes? Is the one-time access code really just 'one-time' access?!

When someone has this type of front door lock, giving someone the lock's code is the same as giving the front door key. Once inside, the delivery person has unrestricted access to all our belongings and no person inside to stop it. Isn't this #frightening?

Amazon is trying to make our lives easier and in theory this is a great idea. I just don't think many people will use it however. Between giving the front door key (and access to our house or garage) to the delivery person, or having the valuable parcel on the front porch, I'm pretty sure most people would risk having it left on the porch!

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