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Fast-Food Franchises - A Personal Experience

One curious effect of #globalisation is that we can #travel to a lot of different places and order the same fast-food. Famous #global franchises strive to offer the same basic #menus (even with the same names!) all over the #world, along with some 'fast-food interpretations' of local dishes to appeal to their neighbouring customers or the 'adventurous' tourist that wishes to try new things while abroad.

My opinion about these franchises has truly evolved over time... When they came up I was against them, our #cuisine doesn't need this type of food to be fast and delicious at the same time, and we shouldn't forget the obesity issues that came along with them. Over the years, pure peer pressure made me visit these places, to the point that now I know what I like and don't like of their menus.

What I didn't foresee is that they can also act as a global safety net of meals for global #travellers! On a visit to a #foreign #country and after entering different restaurants with menus that felt so strange to me, I had to resort to global franchises to finally have a meal I could enjoy.

Thinking of myself as a #foodie that actually appreciates foreign #dishes, I couldn't help laughing at this ordeal, and I 'thank' these franchises for saving my trip and in fact my wallet (!), as I had already spent a great amount of money trying and disliking various types of local dishes, in a range of restaurants from 'friendly' to 'eccentric' that had one thing in common - horrid menus...

Global fast-food franchises saving trips and feeding foodies? I really didn't see that coming...


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