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Skiing 101: For the Uninitiated

Very recently I attended my first ever skiing trip with a group of friends, one of whom was a complete novice like me while the other seven were practically born with skis attached.

Now for those of you who are toying with the idea of skiing based upon rose tinted images of effortless weaving down gentle slopes that end with a pub every mile, fair warning; words like ‘gentle’, ‘effortless’ and ‘slope’ are not typical #skiing vernacular. For one thing, a snow covered piste may look soft and fluffy, but there’s no such thing as gentle when you fall on them for the 75th time. Secondly there is no ‘effortless’ for the new skier; the feat of staying upright and stationary or upright and moving takes every ounce of mental and physical energy you have. Lastly the use of the word ‘slope’ suggests a gentle incline, rather than the cliff face you will be faced with in reality.

Then why bother going? Well, though I sound like I’m taking a chunk off this ice based #sport, really I’m trying to make you aware; Skiing is fun, but it is fun that requires work.

During the nine days I was flailing around whilst more competent skiers dodged me, I underwent a fair few radical #emotional shifts. Rage was a common one; the sheer anger that I could have once again landed on my backside was rather cowing to watch (or so I was told). #Misery was another great bed fellow; I could not imagine this experience ever equating to fun. Lastly resentment; many a time I was ready to burn my skis, use my poles to prod proper skiers and then call it a day.

Expect this and then believe me when I tell you that one day it really does just ‘click’. I was adamant that this magical clicking process that people kept telling me about wouldn’t happen but honestly, one day it does, and then you can start the #fun.

Oh, and go to Ski school on day one rather than day three, it is definitely money well spent.


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