The Beauty Spot | Emma McQuillan

There are certain #sounds that as a #learner of a #foreign language you cannot distinguish. The Japanese for example cannot hear the difference between an R and an L. That’s why they call London “Rondon.”

So what can be done about this? You could start #learning your target #language before the age of seven. What If you’re already over age seven? Too bad! Doesn’t sound very helpful, does it? Technically these are known as “#fossilized pronunciation errors” meaning if your #mother-tongue does not distinguish between these sounds then you cannot acquire them in later #life.

So whilst nothing can be done about it, these small #inconsistencies will not hinder effective communication but simply add colour to an otherwise #dull world. These “errors” are the beauty spots that add #interest and #intrigue to speakers of foreign languages, so why not embrace them!

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