Today when I went to collect my new #glasses, I was invited to take a seat while the #staff attended to the #people before me.

While I was waiting, a #lady of 91 years slowly sat down next to me.

It wasn't long until a #conversation kicked off, firstly about the #weather, and then being the 6th June, #D-Day soon came up.

The lady did most of the talking and I just listened as she gave me her #story (which I expect would have gone to present #day had the staff not called her to fit her glasses).

As she continued, I lost track of all the #names and their #relationship to the lady, but I could tell she held them in #memory, very close to her heart. It is #funny to hear a 91-year-old refer to someone else as a ‘dear old lady’.

As we parted ways, she wished me a good day and I returned the #wishes. Then as she walked away, with her frame for support I thought of some of her #story and the #soldiers who #bravely fought those years ago.

Why not take the time to listen to someone today?


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