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Heading to Veneto

Some time ago I planned to visit “Il Veneto”, a stunning part of #Italy that I have not seen yet. The date is now approaching and I am really looking forward to enjoying such an experience. The #journey will start in #Bologna which lies in another region called Emilia-Romagna. From there, I will go up Northeast to the Veneto area.

To be honest, I cannot wait to have ice cream and “pasta al dente” with seafood; “pappardelle alla vongole” is definitely my favourite dish. The use of the public #transport is also something that I always like to do (mainly bus and trains) with no other purpose than to hear people in their daily life talking in their own #language. Apart from strolling around #sightseeing, I am also interested in #Art. There’ll be churches and cathedrals all along my path and plenty of sculptures and paintings within the #museums (mostly from the Renaissance period).

Verona, Vicenza, Padua and Treviso are the places included in my itinerary. However, I will also consider the small #villages on the way (i.e. Castelfranco Del Veneto), as planning does not mean forgetting the improvisation that goes together with any trip. Let’s see how it goes as the expectations are pretty high at the moment…

Tutto a posto, bravo!

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