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What Should I Read Next?

In #digital form or classic #paperback, books always teach us something new; entertain us; and even accompany us wherever we go. Our free time flies by when we are reading a good one!

The trouble is finding a new author we like. I admit I tend to rely too much on a dozen or so authors that I already know I'll enjoy reading.

A new #website called wants to give us all a helping hand by finding new authors that we would like, the actual book we should read next to the one 'we are reading right now and enjoying so much that we don't want to reach the end of!'

A daunting task done by a cleverly straightforward website that has already helped me find great #authors that I would have failed to notice otherwise.

Clever websites like this are definitely worth a visit and should be more common than they are. After all, being updated with every book release is not easy!


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