Sami | Mac

"What is this?" He asks, index finger pointing at the brown and unidentifiable object displayed on the #screen of my #Samsung Tab.

"Svið, it is #Icelandic."

"And this?”

"Hrútspungar...." Also unidentifiable, also from #Iceland.

This has been going on for some moments now and Sami appears rapt with the #images he causes to appear with every #slide of his finger.

Sami is my waiter. I know his name is Sami because the badge he wears on the left hand strap of his black work apron says as much, and also because he introduced himself before he seated me.

"What would you have for #lunch, Sami?" I had asked him as he handed me a laminated #menu and our #relationship really began then. His #questions however only started when I #photographed the colours and textures of the #Mezze he had placed on my table. The raw and #pickled vegetables, the #hummus and the #fish, the #meats and #salads.

"Why are you doing that?" So as means of explanation I had turned on the Tab to open the folder named FOOD and his confused expression had become one of appreciation.

“You do this everywhere you eat?” “Only the interesting #places.”

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