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True Love and Girl Power

I was pleasantly surprised (and I admit I’m a little late to the party here) by two films I recently watched, being #Maleficent and #Frozen. There are two threads in both #films that I found particularly pleasing: the focus on non-romantic love and the #feminism which both display.

I had heard that Frozen had caused a bit of a storm in a teacup amongst some for one particular scene and now having watched it, I applaud it wholeheartedly. For those who don’t know, the scene depicts the feared #Elsa transforming from her dull gown and cloak to an ice blue, sexy (yes sexy) dress which has a slit revealing her legs. Now, the reason I applaud this is because the character is doing it for no one but herself. Having locked herself away in a self made mansion with no intention of leaving, this ‘scandalous’ scene is about nothing but freedom.Elsa isn’t trying to seduce, there is no love interest, and her attire is a rebellion against years of being the responsible one.

And then there’s Maleficent, which is all about a strong women and as with Frozen, it’s not prince charming that saves the day, but family (even if in name only).Both films give good messages to children, especially girls and it makes for a nice change.


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