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Browser Autofill? Just Say No!

Kuosmanen, a Finnish electronic security expert, has thrust into the #limelight a type of system many computer users have become used to rely on - the Autofill system.

He found out an important flaw that may put at risk all the #data saved in Autofill systems from Chrome, Safari and Opera #browser users. Some apps like LastPass that manages passwords and usernames may have the exact same flaw as the Autofill.

The flaw is the excessive amount of #information that is gathered whenever the user activates the Autofill system. According to Kuosmanen, as Autofill systems automatically write the user's data that has been previously provided in other forms, some websites may mischievously use that automatic help of the Autofill to gather much more information than what the user can actually see being asked.

Usernames, email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses, and even credit card numbers can be blindly provided without the user's consent.

Autofill does save us some time but I do think that the best option is still to disable Autofill and write your personal information whenever you have to, and only in services you need. It will definitely save you from future headaches.

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