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In America, there has been much debate regarding whether #American Sign Language should be treated as a legitimate #language. Many consider ASL to be simply a signed version of English rather than a separate and distinct language. Some #students are even discouraged from taking ASL classes since most of the time the credits will not transfer (unlike Spanish or French).

In order to combat this, the deaf community in America has been hard at work creating a writing system. Having their own writing system so that their community can be #literate in their own language will significantly strengthen the legitimacy of ASL as a separate and unique language. After many years, they have succeeded and created a system known as Si5s. This writing system is now being integrated into curriculum and slowly gaining popularity, though it is still fairly new.

Soon the deaf community in America will be able to text, email, and perform other writing tasks all in their native language. This will not only promote their language in the eyes of legislatures, it will also further strengthen the community and spread of ASL to people outside the #community.

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