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Logan Paul's Worst YouTube Video

Many YouTubers have become celebrities overnight, making apparently #amateur but indeed professionally edited videos that reach millions of homes all over the world. Their opinions, what they wear and where they go are options carefully chosen (and paid for) to entice viewers to copy their lifestyles and #holiday choices.

However, most YouTubers are ordinary people that achieved the limelight perhaps too quickly and weren't prepared to be the unexpected idols they’ve become! The irony is that this lack of preparation and their 'natural' behaviour makes them approachable and likeable but also makes them questionable role models at times, especially when they don't think about that what they say and do, which resonates with young kids who love them and enjoy mimicking them.

Logan Paul is one such successful YouTuber with many #popular #videos. One of his latest was filmed in a Japanese forest known to be a place for suicides. Worse than the poor choice of location however, was when during one such video, the corpse of an alleged suicide victim is clearly shown! Even worse are the comments made about the corpse by the crew that follows Paul around and by Paul himself who tries to hold in his laugh about the whole scenario.

Any #News Network in the world has editors to prevent this sort of situation, when reporters lack good judgment. I don't support censorship at all, we all need to know and understand the world we live in but some situations should be handled with care and explanation. A suicide or a corpse should never be exhibited and commented on with laughs and a total lack of respect for a fellow human being.

The video itself received millions of #views (goal achieved?) and thousands of comments. Thankfully for the future of mankind the vast majority commented on the inappropriateness of it. Logan Paul later apologised, explaining that the video intended to talk about suicide and what we can do to try to prevent it; and that he understood that his daily views give him the sort of power he might not know how to deal with. He promised that this type of situation would never happen again.

The question is: I'm pretty sure it will happen again, perhaps not with Logan Paul but with another YouTuber. I just hope that the comments of their fans continue to make them do the right thing.


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