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New Year’s Eve in Brazil

As the year draws to a close, it's not long until people join together to celebrate #New Year's Eve across all corners of the globe. This annual tradition is one of the only global celebrations where everyone unites regardless of #culture, race or age, to reflect on the old and welcome the new opportunities ahead. In Brazil this custom remains the same yet there are certain quirks that are habitually abided by each year to end the year on the right note.

Aside the massive displays of fireworks across the country, the most impressive and well known being on #Copacabana beach, it is customary in Brazil for everyone to dress in white to attract peace and luck for the following year. Some people also add splashes of yellow to attract money or red to attract love. For those lucky enough to be in #Rio de Janeiro on #Reveillon (the Brazilian term for New Year's Eve), they will see approximately two million people crowded together on Copacabana beach like a huge carpet of white. Those close to the shore will make the tradition of jumping seven waves to attract more luck for the following year. This may be a challenge some times - the waves at Copacabana can get big, making jumping them likely to get you very wet!


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