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How Old Are You?

Age doesn't define us, it shouldn't even worry us; however, as time goes by our life definitely changes. Adulthood gives us more freedom to choose our own path, but the caring loved ones we used to rely on so much while growing up sometimes are not able to accompany us in today's #journey.

Our life is continuously filled by all sorts of #events, some we can control while others are part of life or part of today's reality and #culture. Some events are easily forgotten while others will stay in our minds forever because they mean so much to us.

Do you want to remember what happened during your lifetime in the world?

There is a new website called 'You're Getting Old' that tries to show us a small glimpse of our lifetime as many of the world's most important events are displayed to us according to our age. The website is amazing in its simplicity and worthy enough to spend some free time on.

We will instantly remember some (if not all) of the events and it can be a nice memory test. It is a fun exercise we should all do from time to time, especially if we don't want to forget yesterday's lessons that can still be valuable today.


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