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Horrible Histories of London

Ever wondered where the common jail term ‘in the clink’ originates from? The #Clink Prison Museum is an #interesting albeit #macabre attraction located on Clink Street just off the #Southbank.

This very small #Medieval Prison housed London’s most undesirable populace from the 12th through 18th Century, and is notorious for its mistreatment of prisoners who would have to go to extraordinary lengths just to be fed on a daily basis. If you did not succumb to the general filth and disease of the time, then starvation was also a possibility; especially if begging for food through the iron bars proved unsuccessful or a succulent rat did not present itself!

The Clink displays an array of genuine implements of torture (some of which were perhaps once used within its walls) to tantalise and terrify. When walking through its dungeon-like corridors you are offered a sense of how brutal #Britain in this period could be if you were of roguish character, or indeed unfortunate enough to find yourself incarcerated within its confines. Those who conspired against the Throne were led from The Clink to the Tyburn Tree (now Marble Arch) to be hanged, drawn and quartered!

For #horrible histories with a touch of the #dramatic The Clink is well worth a visit.


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