Prosumer - The new type of Consumer

Thanks to social media, proactive Eco-friendly marketing and consumer-awareness strategies, we are all witnessing a new type of consumer: one that is much better informed about the choices he can and should make, so that hollow consumerist frenzies may have become a thing of the past. In short, a prosumer!

This new behavioural pattern can't be separated from the economical crisis. In fact, it has risen in popularity because of it! The need to reduce costs and think positively about what we really need and what we don't need at all (thanks austerity 'school') made Europeans turn into discerning customers.

The ecological footprint of some products (and companies!) and the widespread issue of food waste made many consumers turn to Eco-friendly products as the best solution for us all. When a product is preferred because it was made in an Eco-friendly way, competing companies are usually quick to respond, which in turn should lead to better and cleaner manufacturing processes.

Our everyday choices do matter, and our beloved Planet thanks the prosumers, who are certainly here to stay.


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