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The Art of Moda

Kicking off in New York, the designer army then hop over to London, Milan, and eventually Paris. Each city brings its own interpretation and savoir-faire onto the scene. New York is the business powerhouse, London, the rebel younger sibling, Milan, the capital of elegance and suave and Paris, the incisive, outlandish land of #couture.

Fashion Week not only accounts for a stream of #creativity and self-expression but is also a massive coup for the economy. Yet the question has to be asked: is fashion a work of art or its destroyer? Various designers are inspired by their #heritage or countries they have visited – Dolce and Gabbana’s designs often feature components of Sicilian folklore, while Tom Ford recently declared that London is the only city in the world where people still dress well.

What is it about these cities that are so inspirational and central in regards to the infamous design form? #Fashion week, whilst aimed primarily at those with a high-end budget (thus alienating a large proportion of society), can also be a period of #cultural enlightenment – a reminder that the way you dress should reflect your passions and personality, instead of what you’re told to think by the ‘experts.’


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