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Bad Neighbours

The flow of today's busy #city life means two things: a constant movement of #cars on the roads with the usual heavy traffic at rush hour, and a constant change of neighbours. Long gone are the days when our Grandfathers knew all of their neighbours by name, as everyone usually lived in the same area their whole life!

The constant search for a better job means we have to relocate once in a while just like everyone else around us. A bad outcome is when the area that we moved to (which seemed so nice in pictures and short visits) is aloud with ambulance sirens rushing to a local hospital, and bad-tempered neighbours who own dogs that enjoy barking whenever someone arrives, leaves or is just passing-by...

Is there an answer to these issues? The most civilised of us would say that a nice friendly chat with a neighbour would suffice; meanwhile, the most-savvy of us would say: "Get out of there as soon as possible!" And I keep finding that the latter is usually the best answer...

Fortunately, when we finally find the right place to #live, we understand that is was the best #research we could have ever done. All of the moving hassles and neighbour issues are quickly forgotten, and you can finally enjoy t calling a house you own your #Home!

I hope that you don't give up until you’ve found it!

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