Son Uses Video Game to Race with His Late Father

December 3, 2017


Racing video games are popular throughout the world. Many of them offer a feature called 'ghost' racing, where the player tries to beat a 'ghost' driver mimicking his best lap. When that best lap is beaten, the new fastest lap becomes the 'ghost' one. This feature is now in the Internet's spotlight, because of a young son that shared this moving story with the world:


"When I was 4, my Dad bought a trusty Xbox. We had tons of fun playing all kinds of games together - until he died, when I was just 6. I couldn't touch that console for 10 years, but once I did, I noticed something... We used to play a racing game called ‘Rally Sports Challenge,’ and once I started meddling around, I found a GHOST- literally! My Dad's fastest lap was recorded, and his ghost still rolls around the track today. So I played and played, and played, until I was almost able to beat the ghost. One day I got ahead of it, I surpassed it, and... I stopped right in front of the finish line, just to ensure I wouldn't delete it."


Everyday actions sometimes turn into beautiful memories... Make every day count.


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