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The Moors

The #Moors are in #Greater #Manchester, #Yorkshire and #Derbyshire in case you didn’t know. The settings of great #novels and #drama, many crimes and in my experience of learning about them utter misery.

But in all my years of hearing about them no one ever told me how beautiful they were.

I’ve been obsessed with the #North of England for as long as I can remember! I’ve been totally enthralled with #Wuthering Heights, gripped by the horribleness of #Red Riding, and generally loved any person with a lilting Northern tone. I was expecting drama on the #Moors and what I got was sheer magnificence.

To clarify, they are dramatic!

They are also poetic. I sat on them just the other day in the pouring rain while eating an #Eccles Cake (God they’re good!). Wind was rushing around the car, the skies were practically black and I was shivering from the cold. My boyfriend turned to me and commented that it was a boring scene... boring!?

It’s a perfect example of bleakness. People can easily die on them (so I am told) as it is so easy to get lost, so barren and so large; on the plus side though, they make a great place for a #picnic!

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