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Jari-Matti Latvala's Rally Museum

Every person has their share of #success… accomplishments that make you proud. We usually share them with family and select friends, but those who are the best in a #sport and have #fans all over the world feel compelled to show their success to a wider audience.

Jari-Matti Latvala (the renowned WRC driver) has opened the #museum of his #dreams by showing the best of his car collection and his passion for rally cars. Located in Latvala's home town Tuuri, the museum is an extension of his personal garage, and a 'shrine' to his 32 years behind the wheel.

Fans can view Latvala's first ever rally car: a Sunbeam Avenger (which he drove when he was just 9 years old) as well as classic WRC legends like a Group B Audi Quattro; Juha Kankkunen's 1995 Toyota Celica GT4; and Didier Auriol's 1999 #Toyota Corolla WRC. When it is not being used by Latvala in historical races around the world, his Ford Escort Mark II is also inside the museum being protected from the elements and closer to his fans.

A special place in the museum holds dozens of coveted #trophies that Latvala has won over the years, while next to them are what can be described as souvenirs from some races, namely broken or smashed car parts that are telling of the other side of #rally driving.

For WRC fans and #petrol-heads alike, this museum is worth a visit and will surely be continuously upgraded according to Latvala's wishes and ongoing success.


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