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Brain Waves Will Replace Passwords

According to #researchers, by making a small adjustment to the current #hardware, #computers will recognise their users' brain waves, acting as the safest #password ever!

The research conducted at Binghamton University shows how the #PC can be 'taught' to identify the user, based on the way brainwaves react to certain words. Will this new #technology mean the end of passwords as we know them? Most likely, yes.

Acronyms like FBI or DVD were used to test 45 #volunteers. By monitoring their brain reactions to each set of letters, researchers found out that each individual reacted in a unique way, therefore the computer can be programmed to reliably identify the individual patterns (with initial tests showing already a 94% efficiency).

Today, technology stores so much of our personal information that a good use of passwords is mandatory if we don't want it to be stolen. Creating unique strong passwords and using them frequently is a daily chore for most of us. Thankfully, several researchers and the technology industry itself are trying to find new ways to effective and securely replace written passwords. The use of brain waves is in my opinion simply brilliant, and I hope the industry abandons the 'finger not recognised' fingerprint scan for good and embraces this idea instead.

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